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Android applications are available in plenty in Play Store. Android applications gives every highly advanced features to your ordinary android phone also. In this way if your phone has only default notification, you can only access the options available in it. But in case of highly cost mobiles there is a option for changing the notification bar to what as they desired. If you want this feature in your android mobile then install this application called “Power Toggles”. I have tired this app in my Samsung Galaxy Y and gives me many quick settings in the notification bar as I desired. So read this article for your knowledge also.

Install this application in android mobile which is available for free downloadable in play store. After installing open it. You can enable quick settings in the notification bar or in home screen of your android mobile. So let’s see in detail about each of this features.

Quick Settings for notification bar:-

                 This is point feature of this application created. Open the application and click on Notification tab. Then an another menu opens which having options for customizing the quick setting notification bar.  First of all Click “ON” button for turn on the tower toggles app. After this click “Customize” button then you will see a lots of options like style, button colors, background etc,. First of all select your desired Style for your notification bar. Then in style option you can able to customize the notification bar’s labels color, default button size and colors. Give your desired style and goto the background option for changing the background style for your notification bars. You can also add color for the divide line between the buttons. Using this app you can enable settings for mobile data options, network options like airplane mode, receive internet calls etc,. , shortcuts for your desired apps, google play buttons for playing your music files directly and much more. Some of them are listed below,

  • Flashlight button
  • Auto brightness mode
  • Next or previous track button for starting music player directly.
  • Direct dial
  • Shortcuts for all of your installed Apps 

 Quick Settings Widgets For Home Screen:-
                            This is options is also available in this application. Two types of widgets are available in this app. For enabling this widget, goto main menu and click widgets tab. Then search for Power toggles widget and then drag it your home screen to activate it. First is Quick setting , this is also same in the notification bar. You can also change the button color and other same settings are available as we discussed above. Use this settings for yourself to know more. Next widget is a folder containing quick settings. Enable this widget and then click that folder and add as many buttons you want.
That’s all! Now you can create a fancy notification bar as you like. Also you can add quick settings to the home screen using this application. If you like this comment then leave it in our comment box. Also help us to improve this article by sharing it to your friends via facebook or twitter. Stay here for more updates for android!
Download Power Toggles:-

Download From Play Store

or Scan this QR Code in your android phone to increase your performance

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