PLC Software-How to use WinProLadder Ladder Logic Programming Software Details:
Ladder Logic Programming Software– I have worked on so many PLC and SCADA based projects which I want to share with you guys. But before I share any basic or complex level PLC based project, first, I want to explain the extreme basics. This is my first tutorial on the PLC ladder logic programming and I am supposed to start with the very basic things that I believe every beginner should know about.

Best PLC for beginners?
When it comes to the PLC training/learning, the very first question that pops up in our mind is, which PLC should I start with? I myself have been through this stage. In the beginning, I was really confused which PLC to start with as there were so many PLCs available in the Market like
Siemens PLC, Omron PLC, Keyence PLC, and Fatek PLC, etc.

After doing some research work I find out that Fatek PLC is best in terms of price and use. There is no doubt that today Siemens and Omron are at top of the list, but over here the question is which PLC is best for the beginners? The ladder logic programming of all the PLCs is exactly the same, only the addresses can be changed, and the names of the inputs and outputs, while the logic remains the same.

The ladder logic programming is exactly the same the difference can be in prices, memory, the number of timers and counters, the names/addresses of the inputs and outputs. At this point, you really don’t need to pay any attention to all these things. Your only focus should be how to easily learn the ladder logic programming.

This is the ladder logic program of the Keyence PLC. The inputs are 1010 and 1011 while the outputs are 0500 and 0501.

WinProLadder PLC Software:
WinProLadder is an ideal PLC programming Software for beginners. If you don’t have a PLC it really doesn’t matter because in WinProLadder we have the simulation option. So you can write a ladder logic program and run the simulation to check your programming.

Download WinProLadder Software: Download Here

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