Design and create single sided PCB Layout for Full wave rectifier circuit.
AIM: To design the PCB Layout for full wave rectifier circuit with Multisim Software.
1. Latest computer.
2. Multisim Software version 12.0
3. Laser Printer.
Open Multisim software and click => File => New file =>Design1.
From file menu click “save as” in Desk Top and rename the Design1 to your circuit name.
Go to component toll bar and select the component as per your circuit diagram and save it.

Test your circuit with simulation “run” button.
Remove input transformer and output multimeter with replacement of connector as per diagram.
Change the properties of all component into PCB Mode.

Transfer MULTISIM to ULTIBOARD single side PCB Design.

Got to Transfer icon => Transfer to ULTIBOARD 12.0 the save the file and got import netlist and click ok.

Select layer for single side PCB with help of PCB properties icon.

Set the Track width = 30, trace to trace and trace to pad =10.

Select the all components into board edge and make it as small PCB.
Select tools icon and click auto route to make PCB.

RESULT: Thus the design of single sided PCB layout for full wave rectifier circuit with multisim software CAD tool was done.
Simulation Lab Manual: Click Here.
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