VI Characteristics of PN Junction Diode Simulation with Multisim software version 12.0
To plat the VI characteristics of Semiconductor PN Junction diode.
Required Virtual Components.

1. RESIS Resistor 1k 1
2. Diode 1N4007 1
3. DC Source DC 12V 12V

The positive supply is connected to the anode and a negative supply to the cathode of the PN Semiconductor diode is called Forward Bias. Increase the +ve supply to anode, the depletion region width decrease and conduction of electron increase.
The VI characteristics may be obtained by performed DC sweep analysis. The applied voltage is vary from an initial value of 0 to stop vale of 1 V in the step of increment  0.1v.  To get VI characteristics, the currents corresponding to varying input voltages are noted and VI graph is observed in the output graph.
Double click the multisim icon.
Select virtual components.
Click power source icon and select DC power supply.
Click diode family icon and select virtual diode.

Complete the Connection wiring with the help mouse.
Change the voltage value = 1V.
Save your experiment with its name.

Click simulate > Analyses > DC sweep then get below icon

Enter Start, Stop and increment value as below mentioned.

Click Output > All variables
Select diode (Id)current to output with the help of add button.

Finally click simulate button to get below output graph.

Click Graph icon button.

The output waveform were observed in Graph waveform.
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