Directorate of Technical Education Tamil Nadu (TNDTE) New syllabus that is ( M-SCHEME) for who have to admitted in the year academic year to 2015 to 2016.
EDC (Electronic Devices and Circuits) Practical Lab for the year of 2015 to 2016 students in the III semester of II year ECE Electronics and communication Engineering course.
Subject Code: 34034.
Subject Name: Electronic Devices and Circuits.
Each student must have his own Multi-meter and Soldering Iron.
NAME OF THE EXPERIMENTS (Full details with circuit diagram).

1 VI Characteristics of PN Junction Diode & find cut-in-voltage Click to Download
2 VI Characteristics of Zener Diode & find break down voltage  Click to Download
3 Regulation Characteristics of Half wave rectifier with filler and without fillers.  Click to Download
4 Regulation Characteristics of Full wave Rectifier with filler and without fillers.  Click to Download
5 Regulation Characteristics of Bridge Rectifier with fillers.  Click to Download
6 Input & Output Characteristics of CE Transistor & find input and output resistance.  Click to Download
7 Frequency Response of RC coupled amplifier and determine the 3-db bandwidth.  Click to Download
8 Characteristics of JFET and find its pinch off voltage.  Click to Download
9 Characteristics of UJT & find its Ip and Vv.                                                                                    Click to Download
10 SCR Characteristics and find break over voltage  Click to Download
11 Characteristics of DIAC AND TRIAC                                                                           Click to Download
12 Positive and Biased Diode clipper and Clamper  Click to Download
13 Characteristics of LDR and Photo Diode  Click to Download
14 Astable Multi-vibrations using NE555 IC & vary the output Frequency.  Click to Download
15 Speed control of a Fan motor using DIAC and TRAIC  Click to Download

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