IoT (Internet of Things). Latest Projects Titles for Electrical and Electronics Diploma and Engineering Students. Here Iot Based Projects, Arduino Based Projects, Robotics Based Projects and Raspberry Pi based Latest Projects titles.
1. IoT GPS Location tracking and monitoring system with Android App.
2. Shock Detector with auto SMS and GPS with IoT monitoring on cloud
3. Smart Bus IoT system (Accident detection,GPS, Emergency calling and SMS with IoT Monitoring)
4. Automatic GAS leakage detection and SMS alarm notification system with IoT monitoring on cloud
5. Motor Speed controller based on Temperature and Humidity. Optional IoT integration
6. Auto Car Parking System (Optional IoT free Car parking slot monitoring)
7. oT based Women Safety System with SMS GPS and panic button
8. Automatic Forest Fire detection with SMS alarm and IoT based location monitoring
9. ThinkSpeak based IoT parameters monitoring and control system
10. Bus Ticket automation and IoT could monitoring of number of seats filled in the bus.
11. RFID Security system with breach detection on IoT
12. Vichicle safety system based on Speed monitoring and live feed on cloud with IoT
13. Water Level indicator with IoT live feed and motor control
14. IoT based body Temperature live monitoring system
15. Automatic Gate Control system with IoT notification and logging.
16. GAS,Fire and movement detection with SMS and IoT live monitoring
17. SMS based Wind Mill Monitoring System (Optional IoT based cloud monitoring)
18. Wireless vehicle robot with dangerous GAS detection system and IoT monitoring.
19. Dustbin monitoring and notification for clearance with IoT
20. GPS fencing system with notification based on SMS and IoT
21. IoT based SWARM Robots (3 robots with one master robot)
22. IoT Vehicle Accident monitoring based on vibration, Acc/gyro with GPS on cloud
23. Android App based speech control system via Cloud (IoT)
24. Whether parameters monitoring system with live feed on cloud(IoT)
25. Automatic vehicle Fuel Level indicator with mobile app fuel gauge display(Arduino or Raspberry Pi and IoT)
26. Bio Cloud BP,Heart rate and skin resistance monitoring (IoT)
27. IoT baed Robot with multi sensor Sensor Display(with Mobile App)

Arduino Based Projects 2019
28. Helmet safety system with Temperature,Humidity and LGP monitoring on LCD
29. Hand finger movement based Voice generation and communication system for physically challenged
30. Android based speech to LCD text messaging system.
31. RFID based Patient Monitoring system and notification.
32 Ship Monitoring with International boarder crossing prevention, notification with remote disable.
33. Hair pin bend traffic automation with vehicle count and emergency reroute indication.
34. Head Movement based Wheel Chair for physically challenged
35. Bluetooth and Voice commend based motor speed controller (DC or AC)
36. RFID based smart Shoping Trally system with prepaid cash monitoring and auto-billing
37. Automated Four Wheel GEAR changer
38. Industrial automatic material rejection conveyor
39. Ultrasonic based distance and collision monitoring system with relay(Min/Max indicator in LCD)
40. Automatic Traffic Light system with emergency and ambulance path clearance.
41. Humidity Control system for chicken egg hatching
42. GSM based Remote control system for home and industry
43. Automatic street light system
44. RS485 / I2C based Transformer Substation controller and monitor.
45. Animal Tracking using GPS
46. Automatic load share transformer system
47. PLC Based Material Trolley Operation system
48. Advanced Military Jacket with Arduino,GSM and GPS(Temperature,Heart beat,Skin resistance,bullet hit and panic button)
49. GSM Based Automatic Energy Meter Reading System With Instant Billing
50. Design And Implementation of Industrial Interactive System Using Embedded Networking
51. Home Automation using Android Application Based Bluetooth Remote
52. Power Generation In Vehicles Silencer Using Thermo Electric Generator
53. Petrol Level Analyzer Using Float Sensor with millage indicator on LCD
54. Power Generation In Vehicles Suspension
55. PID based Heating element controller for Industrial Heating tanks.
56. SMS based Motor Start/Stop control system
57. Color detector with auto-rejection conveyor
58. Voltage,current and Power monitoring system in PC (VB Application)
59. RFID based Attendance and report generation system
60. Acc/Gyro based vehicle monitoring system.

61. Web page with Websocket based GSR/HR monitoring system with automatic mail sender
62. Arduino based GPS track with Voice system
63. Automatic Balancing Platform based on servo and arduino
64. Prepaid Energy metering system with arduino (SMS notification,Cloud monitoring and auto-disconnection)
65. Arduino based sudden fall detection and notification for elders
66. IoT based Health monitoring system for elders
67. Automatic School Bell system with per-programable timers and special dates.
68. IoT based Dustbin monitoring system (level,weight and location)
69. EB meter reading live feed on Cloud and mobile App monitoring (IoT)
70. Arduino based braille system
71. Arduino based based automatic voting system with finger print
72. Arduino Stepper Speed control system with 16 micro stepping.
73. GSM SMS based outdoor messaging display system(with Mobile App)
74. Bluetooth based outdoor messaging display system(with Mobile App)
75. Wifi based outdoor messaging display system(with Mobile App)
76. Web socket based web page multi sensor display
77. Web controlled home automation (4 Channel relay HTML Remote)
78. IoT based swimming pool water parameter monitoring system(Light,Temp,PH)
79. IoT based Pace maker monitoring and controlling system
80. RFID based auto-class rooming session monitoring with report
81. IoT based multi sensor monitoring and control
82. Aadhar and License live verification system for traffic police
83. IoT based Hotel digital Menu Ordering System
84. Iot based Fuel to distance with notification on low fuel.
85. Automatic Vehicle Load Monitoring and warning system
86. LPG GAS detector with auto window opener and SMS notification system
87. Smart Keypad door-lock and repeated wrong password entry detection and notification.
88. RFID Door lock system with IoT based mobile authentication
89. Arduino Water level display
90. Android App Bluetooth remote switch(4)
91. Android App WiFi remote switch(4)
92. GSM SMS based remote On/Off switch

Robotics Based latest Projects 2019.
93. Automatic wheel balancing Robot (stepper motor and wifi control)
94. Wifi controlled robot vehicle with pick and place arm.
95. Persistence Of Vision messaging display system
96. Hexapad Spider robot Bluetooth controlled
97. Biped walking Robot
98. Pick and Place 4DOF robotics ARM
99. 4wheel Bluetooth controller robot vehicle
100. Wifi 4wheel robot vehicle
101. Line following Robot (Arduino)
102. POT Clock ROBOT(writing Time on the Board)
103. IoT baed Robot with multi sensor Sensor Display(with Mobile App)
104. Wifi and voice controlled vehicle robot.
105. Mobile App based vehicle robot with voice control
106. IoT based SWARM Robots (3 robots with one master robot)
107. Wireless vehicle robot with dangerous GAS detection system and IoT monitoring.
108. Arduino based quad-legged gait waking robot
109. Arduino based pick and place Robot Arm.
110. Drawing robot (PC controller with stepper motor)
111. Mini CNC Laser engraver
112. Arduino based Mini 3D printer.
1. HC-05 – Bluetooth
2. Mpu 6050 accelerometer-gyroscope- -module
3. Flame-sensor
4. Rotary-encoder
5. Force-sensor-fsr400
6. Current-sensor-acs712
7. Flex-sensor
8. IR-sensor-tcrt5000
9. Pulse-sensor-pin
10. Color-sensor-tcs230
11. SD-card-module
12. Oled-with-arduino
13. Addressable-rgb-led-strip-ws1812
14. Relay-module
15. TFT-1-8-display-st7735r
16. 8×8-dot-matrix-display-max7219
17. Smoke-sensor-mq-2
18. Ultrasonic-sensor-HC-sr04
19. PIR-motion-sensor-hc-sr501
20. Tilt-sensor-sw-520d
21. Microphone-sound-sensor
22. Reed-switch-reed-sensor
23. Rfid-reader-Em18
24. Rfid-tag
25. RTC-real-time-clock-ds1307
26. Temperature-sensor-ds18b20
27. Moisture-sensor
28. Rain-sensor
29. Pressure-sensor
30. Accelerometer
31. MOC-3021-circuit
32. DHT11-DHT22-temperature-and-humidity-sensor

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