Antenna  Use any soft or hard wire (likes Draw bars antenna) as antenna. If the soft wire is used, do make sure it is fully extended. The distance of reception will be influence  by the length of antenna.
  Important Notes   If the module is used with microcontroller, the clock frequency should be under 4 MHz. Please try to keep a distance between oscillator and the RF Receiver module to avoid the disturbance from oscillator.

433 receiver1

The voltage supply need to stable and the ripple voltage need to be as low as possible, multi-level filtering are needed. (For example, add ferrite bead, inductor and capacitor).

Specifications RF Receiver:-

1. Operating Voltage 5.0V ± 0.5V
2. Operating Current ≤5.5mA @5.0V
3. Operating Principle Monolithic super heterodyne receiving
4. Modulation ASK
5. Frequency 315MHz, 433.92MHz
6. Bandwidth 2MHz
7. Sensitivity -100dBm
8. Rate <9.6Kbps (315MHz @-95dBm)
9. Data Output TTL
10. Antenna Length 24cm (315MHz), 18cm (433.92MHz).

433 receiver2

The hole to solder and connect antenna the correct antenna length, which is 24 cm.

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