The Bluetooth module HC-05, HC-06 or compatible one must be connected to the controller. The smartphone or tablet must support Bluetooth.
Step 1. Create a New project.

Step 2. Click Editor.

Step 3. Select and Click then Drag and drop in mobile work space.

Enter the RemoteXY editor. Set one button in the smartphone field. Highlight this button, then, select the property “Snap to pin” to the value 13 (LED) in the right pane of the “Element” tab., and “Snap to pin” to the value 12 in the right pane of the “Element” tab for sliding switch.

Step 4. Click Slide Button then Drag and drop in mobile work space.

Step 5. Click Lable  then Drag and drop in mobile work space.

Step 6. Type your project Title.

Step 7. Click Bluetooth icon and apply to save.

The settings indicate that the HC-05 (06) module is connected to the Arduino via the software serial port SoftwareSerial using contacts 2 and 3 at 9600 speed. This is the standard speed for the HC-05 modules.

Step 8. Click Bluetooth module and apply to save.

Step 9. Click Arduino icon then select Arduiono UNO then apply to save.

Step 10. Click Arduino IDE and apply to save.

Step 11. Now your mobile is ready.

Step 1. Now Download your source code and remotexy Library file.

Step 2. Get the sketch for the Arduino
Press the “Get source code” button in the editor.
In the opened page with the source code of the sketch, download it to your computer (the link “Download code”) and open it in the Arduino IDE.

Step 3. Open your Arduino IDE  and copy the Arduino code then compile and upload to Arduino UNO.

Also, download the library RemoteXY (the link “Download library”) from this page.
The library being installed correctly, the source code for the sketch must be compiled without errors.
More information how installing the RemoteXY library for the Arduino IDE

Step 4. Scan above by your android smart phone and install them.

Step 5. Connect the HC-05 (06) to the Arduino Uno

Connect the HC-05 module to the Arduino Uno as follows. Note that the RX-TX contacts are connected by a cross wire.

Step 6: Load the sketch into the Arduino.
The sketch is loaded into Arduino in the normal way.

Step 7. Connect from the mobile application.Install the RemoteXY mobile application on your smartphone/tablet.
Press the new connection “+” button in the top panel in the application. In the window that opens, select the “Bluetooth” connection. In the application, turn on the Bluetooth and press the button for updating the list of available devices. Your device can have one of the following names: “HC-05”. Select it.

A window for entering the Bluetooth pairing password will open. The default password for HC-05 (06) can be either 1234 or 0000. Enter the password and the connection will start.
Video Tutorial:

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