The zener diode characteristics shows under the reverse bias condition, the voltage across the diode remains almost constant although the current through the diode increases in the region p-n. So the voltage across the

Zener Diode: 6.2v To 200V Regulator PDF Details:
zener diode serves as a reference voltage. Hence the diode can be used as a voltage regulator.

ZENER DIODE-With Digital multimeter
How test Zener Diode with Digital Multimeter?
      Connect DMM (+) Test Red lead to anode
                       DMM (-)  Test Black lead to cathode
Verification: DMM Reading shows = 0.548v to 0.668v  = GOOD condition.
Reverse bias:
 Connect DMM (+) Test lead to cathode
                   DMM   (-) Test lead to anode
                   DMM Reading shows = OL  or  OPEN or ‘1’ (over load) = GOOD condition.
Verification:  If you get reading in forward bias as 0000 or OL  or 1, in reverse bias as 0000 (or) low values the device can be FAULTY and needs replacement.

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