Fingerprint Based Voting and SMS Project is an application where the user is recognized by his finger pattern. Since the finger pattern of each human being is different, the voter can be easily authenticated. The system allows the voter to vote through his fingerprint. Finger print is used to uniquely identify the user.
The finger print features are different for each human being. Finger print is used as an authentication of the voters. Voter can vote for candidate only once, the system will not allow the candidate to vote for the second time. The system will allow admin to add the candidate name and candidate photo who are nominated for the election.
Finger Print Sensor Module is used to authenticate true voter by taking their finger input in the system. Here we are using 5 push buttons to Match, Enroll/back, Delete/OK, UP and Down. Enroll and Del key have double features here.
Enroll key is used for enrolling new finger impression into the system and back function as well. When the user wants to enroll new finger then he/she needs to press enroll key then LCD asks for the ID or Location where user wants to store the finger print output.
If user do not want to proceed further, then he/she can press enroll key again to go back (this time enroll key behave as Back key). Enroll key has both enrollment and back function. DEL/OK key also has same double function i.e. when user enrolls new finger then he/she needs to select finger ID or Location by using another two key namely UP AND DOWN now user needs to press DEL/OK key to proceed with selected ID or Location.
Match key is used whenever voter wants to vote. He/she needs to authenticate first for true voter by keeping finger on Finger Print Sensor, if he/she passes in this authentication then he/she can vote.

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