How to Share the internet connection from your android to PC using PdaNet?

Hai Friends! Having an android phone with fast internet connection? Do you want to share the internet from your android to PC? For all the questions I have an simple answer, i.e tethering option which comes an pre-installed option in all android devices. But it is not working for all models. So Using a third party software called as PdaNet tool which made this tasks very simple than everyone thought. Yes, this tool made my samsung galaxy trend as modem for my laptop. Now I show you how, follow the below mentioned steps and you will be convert any of your android models into an modem for your PC.

Stuff needed for Desktop or laptop:

  • Download PdaNet software from its official site.
  • Then must have your phone driver installed in your PC. If not, don’t worry this tool also install it.

Stuff must be present in your android smartphone : Download PdaNet app from play store


  • After downloading PdaNet tool from its official site and open it. As like as ordinary software install it in your pc hard disk. Then at the middle of installation you will be asking for to install usb driver for your mobile. Then select your phone manufacturer and then we are heading for the last step.(Note: If you have already installed USB driver for your phone, reinstall using this tool while asking. Because it may not be support for this software).
  • Also at the same time install the PdaNet application in your android smartphone.

  • Then in PC, it will show a dialogue box like in this screenshot.

  • According to this, enable “USB Debugging mode” in your android smartphone.
  • Also enable USB tethering mode in the PdaNet application in your android phone.
  • At last the software will automatically install its driver and ADB interface and finish it’s installation. (Note this will be after your USB debugging driver for your smartphone has properly installed. If not then troubleshoot it.)
  • Then enable Wi-Fi or mobile data in your android smartphone.
  • Finally in the notification area, you will see the PdaNet icon click that and enable “connect to internet USB” mode.

  • You can also change to “automatic internet when attached” in the notification area.

That’s all you have done. Now enjoy internet in your PC’s. Make sure proper data balance present in your account for uninterrupted browsing in your PC’s. Leave your thought about this tool here via comments also about your issues and doubts. Stay here for updates! 

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