Arduino Module Libraries for Proteus. Proteus Libraries of Embedded Module and sensors.
I’m going to list New Proteus Libraries of Embedded Sensors, where we’ll only cover Proteus library of sensors. I’ve shared scores of Proteus libraries and today I’m going to pack them into one single post that will help you scan through all libraries related to sensors in one place.

All links you find in this post come with two simulations i.e. one simple simulation of the sensors and other simulation with the Arduino board. If you face any difficulty in simulating the library, before further do, let’s jump right in and look at the list of New Proteus Libraries for Engineering Students.If your system doesn’t carry proteus software already, you must have a look at How to Download and Install Proteus Software.

List of Arduino Module and Sensor Libraries for Proteus Software
Arduino is an open-source electronics platform based on easy-to-use hardware and software. Arduino boards are able to read inputs – light on a sensor, a finger on a button, or a Twitter message – and turn it into an output – activating a motor, turning on an LED, publishing something online. You can tell your board what to do by sending a set of instructions to the microcontroller on the board. To do so you use the Arduino programming language  and the Arduino Software (IDE), based on Processing.

How to Install Arduino Module Libraries with Proteus Software. Follow the given below steps to install easy way:

STEP-1: Click the link given below and download Arduino Mini Library for Proteus.

STEP-2: This downloaded file will come in zip format.

STEP-3: When you extract this zip file, it will return two further files named as ( ArduinoTEP.IDX and ArduinoTEP.LIB)

STEP-4: Copy these two files given above and place them in the proteus library folder.

STEP-5: Now you’ve placed these files in the proteus library folder. After doing this, start your proteus software and if it’s running already… restart again.

STEP-6: The next thing we do is search for our library in the pick libraries option of the proteus software. To do so, click the ‘P’ button of the proteus workspace and search Arduino.
The Arduino UNO library for Proteus to download so that you can use it easily in Proteus and can simulate your circuits easily. I am really excited about it as its my first Proteus library Till now.

1. Arduino: ArduinoLibraryforProteusV2.0  Arduino UNO ArduinoUNOLibraryforProteusV2.0

2. Arduino Mega 2560 board which is quite bigger version of Arduino UNO board and uses Atmega2560 Microcontroller. Download Arduino Mega Library and afterwards I have explained How to use Arduino Mega board in Proteus by designing a simple blinking LED circuit .

Arduino Mega:   ArduinoMega2560LibraryforProteusV2.0

3. Arduino Mini contains an Atmega328 microcontroller mounted on the board.
Arduino Mini       ArduinoMiniLibraryforProteusV2.0

4. Arduino Nano Library for Proteus, using which you can quite easily use the Arduino Nano board in Proteus and can test your code quite easily.
Arduino NANO   ArduinoNANOLibraryforProteusV2.0

Sensor Librarties for proteus Software

1. IR Sensor          =    Infrared Sensor Library for Proteus

2. Rain Sensor     =  Rain Sensor Library for Proteus

3. Soil Sensor       =  Soil Moisture Sensor Library for Proteus

4. Solar panel       =  Solar Panel Library for Proteus

5. Water Sensor   =  WaterSensorLibraryforProteus

6. DHT sensor library: Link

7. Dallas Temperature library: Link

8. RTC module library: Link

9. Adafruit fingerprint sensor Library: Link

10. GravityTDS Library: Link

11. PulseSensor Playground Library: Link

12. SHT3x Temperature and humidity library: Link

Display Libraries:
13. LiquidCrystal: Link

14. Adafruit_SSD1306: Link

15. Monochrome Oled display Library: Link

16. Adafruit-GFX-Library: Link

Microcontroller libraries:
17. Onewire library: Link

18. Simpletimer Library: Link

19. EEPROM Library: Link

20. Blynk Library: Link

21. ESP8266WiFi Library: Link

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