Samsung Galaxy Star Pro Vs Galaxy Trend Duos

Samsung Galaxy Star Pro Vs Galaxy Trend Duos

Samsung Galaxy Star Pro and Galaxy Trend Duos has released before long ago. After collecting reviews from the users of both the smartphones. I had a declaration on which is really smart and which phone is best than other. After reading this article you will find it. See the full posts for a fight between the two most popular samsung smartphones.


Operating System:

Both of these phones are powered by Android Operating systems. The version of the Android is Jelly Bean 4.1 Version. Both of these have same rating in this category. So winner in this category is both of these smartphones.


First we see about Star Pro, this phone has only support to 2G network and has no support to fast 3G network. So user of this mobile has not able browse the internet fastly. But incase of take a look on Galaxy Trend it has support to both 2G and 3G networks. The frequency band for this mobile is HSPA 900/2, 100 MHz. So here Galaxy Trend takes a point over star pro.


Both of these smartphones has only primary camera. The camera pixels for Galaxy Star Pro is 2MP and has no LED flash support. But incase of Galaxy Trend the primary camera has a resolution of 3MP with CMOS technology. So this also has overtaken by Trend. 

CPU Features:

Both of these smartphones has 1GHz CORTEX Processor with 512MB RAM Speed. The internal memory is of 4GB and the screen is of 4″ Screen with capacitive touch screen technology. So here both of the smartphone has same options.


Now this for important category. Without this the smartphone is nothing i.e the battery backup time and it’s capacity and charging time. Both of these smartphones has 1,500 mAh battery capacity. But the users of Galaxy Star Pro said the battery is so horrible and  it can’t able to stand for long time. But incase of Galaxy Trend, the battery is awesome. So here the Galaxy Trend has more preferable smartphone than Galaxy Star Pro.


Now for crowning time for the above two smartphones. By see all the above comparison for the above smartphones, Samsung Galaxy Trend is the winner. Because Star Pro has lot of disadvantages when compared to Galaxy Trend. Now show your feedback about these smartphones via comments. Stay here for more updates!

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