Samsung Android Drivers & Software For Windows 7/8/8.1

Download Important Drivers For Samsung Android Smartphones
Samsung Company is the best for creating new technologies. In this way it is also doing a great job for manufacturing Galaxy Android Smartphones by releasing a new model Samsung Galaxy S5. This phone is the best and having lots of attractive features. Click here for more Do you have an Samsung android smartphone? This is the best place for finding your requirements. Most of the Samsung users still doesn’t know where to download the drivers for smartphones. You need the correct installation of drivers for Phone managing and internet sharing and much more. Read this article for more details about the drivers and its download link.

samsung android driver

USB Drivers For all Models:

  • Samsung USB drivers are necessary for connecting to your desktop or laptop for transfer multimedia files from PC to phone or phone to PC. 
  • This drivers supports all kind of latest android smartphones like Galaxy S5, Galaxy S4 and other mid range smartphones also. This must be installed in your laptop or desktop for viewing the memory card without using any PC Suite.

Download USB Driver From Samsung Official Website

Samsung Official PC Suite(KIES):

samsung pc suite

                         Samsung has official PC Suite manager for both windows and Mac users. This PC Suite has options for backup, transfer files between your mobiles and desktop. This software will automatically install the necessary drivers like USB Drivers and others. If you want this then install this software, which give two benefits. But this software lacks of many features like accessing to Google play and other features which are done by the below software. So I suggest you to install the below PC Suite for getting more benefits. Download PC Suite For your MODELS

Download Samsung Kies From Official Site

Best Android PC Suite For Samsung Galaxy Mobiles:

                       There are many PC manager for all kind of android mobiles. But the best ever PC Suite is Mobogenie which has many advanced features, it is listed below


  • Downlaod APK files directly to your desktop or laptop.
  • Download Videos from Youtube and convert it, which is suitable for plugged mobile.
  • Download the best HD wallpapers for your android mobiles also.

So you are interested in this software click here for see more details about this software.

ADB Drivers:
                            ADB (Android Debug Bridge) is a driver which must be present when you enable the USB Debugging mode in your samsung android mobiles. This might be installed in your desktop or laptop when you connect your mobile with USB Debugging mode enabled. If you find errors with that then install this universal ADB Driver for all Samsung android mobiles.

ADB Drivers Free Download

Download this software then open this software. Then you will see a window with your Samsung android Phone, then click install button for installing the adb drivers. After installing you will be see a window which resembles like this screenshot.


Samsung USB MODEM Driver:


This driver is necessary when you want to share the internet from the mobile with your laptop or desktop. This driver convert your Samsung Android mobile into a MODEM for your desktop or laptop. This should be properly installed, when you enable the USB Tethering. So the best way to install this driver by using PdaNet is a tool which enables you to transfer 4G network also. I recommend this application for having uninterrupted internet connection.

Connect to internet using PdaNet application

Connect to internet using USB Tethering

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