Ringtone Editor Pro – experience best music cutting app

        Ringtone Editor Pro app for android is available from Play Store and experience best cutting action for music files.

          I have been using music cutter software in my PC for editing movie songs and themes music, for setting them as ringtone for mobile. When I searched music editor for my Galaxy Trend powered by Jelly Bean OS from Play store, I have noticed this app from Play Store and gives me positive results. I want to share my experience with you.  

  • Automatically load your music files in External or Phone memory.
  • Set your starting point and end point any where in your music files.
  • Option for setting the music files as Alarm or ringtone or notification.
  • Only 1.12MB and gives many good results.
  • Supports all formats of files like .mp3, .wav etc., 
  • It is a free app from Play Store but it has ads.

MP3 cutter for android

How to edit a music files?

  • First of all search your music file.
  • Then Click on the edit option.
  • Then fix your start point and end point.
  • Then finally click Save icon on the top corner.
  • It will ask the format and name, type these details.
  • Finally click OK button.

         Then what are you waiting for! Still having any doubts let us know via comments. Download link to Play Store is available here.

Download from Play Store: Ringtone Editor Pro

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