How to resume download in internet download manager?

            Internet is a place for download many things. We can download videos, movies, songs, games etc., from online websites. The most handy and simple tool for this purpose is Internet Download Manager. This software is easy to use and increase your ordinary download speed to high speed. 

            Internet download manager download everything from sources, downloading youtube videos sometime it will show error message and can’t able resume download. Then ask to restart the download again, it will be take easy for small files within 10mb but for more than 1GB file it’s not easy to restart the download. I have the same problem for a downloading NFS Carbon ISO file from internet. I just click Pause button and resumes the download again, it shows error i.e not able to fetch the address. So just do the below mentioned and the download resumes automatically.

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How to resume download in IDM?

  • The download file shows the error like in this screenshot, just follow my below steps.

resume in idm

  • Then again click the file to download, but click the link to be opened in a new tab.
  • Quickly copy the link in the address bar of your browser.
  • Now open IDM, right click the file which shows error and a new dialogue box opens as show in the figure.

resume trick in IDM

  • Now paste the copied link in address box like in this screenshot. Then click OK button.

IDM tips and tricks

  • Finally click Resume in the main window of IDM.
  • Now you will find a magic, that the download resumes without any failure.

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