How To Recover Extra 100 GB in TN Govt Laptop?

Add 100 GB From BOSS to Windows In All TN Govt Laptops
Hai Friends of Tamil Nadu. I am also from Tamil Nadu studying Diploma in Sakthi Polytechnic College. Lot of friends in my college asked me how to recover extra 100 GB in my Laptop? I gave him solution and he tried it and gives positive results 😀 . Now you can also tried it in your laptop. Do you own a ELCOT laptop? Do you want to give your laptop a fancy look? Then you are in the right website to know correct information about ELCOT laptops. As we already seen Resolution Problems in Laptops, now this article is about how to recover extra 100 GB for windows OS. I have searched in the internet for getting details about this but nothing works me. They say that use EasyBCD to delete Linux BOSS, I have done this and result is my hard disk failure in my Hasee laptop. So the safest way is to change the Operating System and format Linux BOSS driver. Now you will gain extra 90 -120 GB which depends on your Laptop models. So read this article for getting full details about it.
Note :- We have change the OS of your laptop, in order to get 100 GB. If you done this, your laptop guarantee from ELCOT is cancelled. So think twice before following the instructions from this blog.

Things to be done in your Laptop before starting:-

  • Done backup using Pen drive for your important files in C: drive. Because you need to format the C: Drive for installing a New Clean Operating System.
  • Or simply move your important files and documents to D: drive. Because we are not doing any change to it.
  • Use a Anti-virus program to Scan the files in D:. Because the viruses will damage the new OS in your laptop. That’s all.

Things Required for this Trick:-

  • Pen drive of 4GB(For Windows 7) or 8GB(Windows 8) memory capacity.
  • Windows 7 Operating System or Windows 8 OS software in ISO format.
  • Multiboot USB Creator (Pendrive Linux) Download From its Official site
  • ISO File Creator (Burnware) Download

Create a Bootable Pendrive & Install Windows:-
First of all think which OS you are going to install in your laptop. Then download it from the internet and save in your laptop. It must be in ISO file format. If don’t have in ISO then use burnware software. Burnware is premium software but it is having 10 free trial day. So this software or you can also any software as you like.
Then save the ISO created file in desktop. Then download pen drive yumi from the above link. This is a free software which let’s you to create a bootable pen drive. Then follow the below mentioned procedures.

  • Insert a Pendrive in the slot and open Yumi software. You will be see like in this screenshot. Now select your Pendrive in this software.


  • Now select Windows 7/8 installer. Then select the .Iso file of your Windows 7 Operating System.


  • Then click create button. After this a sequence of program goes for creating a bootable pen drive. After finishing this restart your computer. 
  • Now Press F10 or F9 or F11 which is commonly used buttons for opening the Booting Order. Now select your Pendrive then click “Install Windows”.
  • Then Follow the instructions in the below video.
  • Delete and format the Q : drive  which has the Linux OS files. Then install the windows as you usually do.

My Tutorial:-

That’s all. Enjoy extra 100 GB for windows OS. If you have any doubts about this trick then leave it in our comment box. Share this article with all of our friends. Stay here for more updates.

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