How to install DTH

DTH- Means Direct To Home, is easy Installation. However the viewer has to take the services of skilled technical personnel to get the dish installed and oriented towards the Satellite, which is required to be carried out before the system starts receiving the DD DIRECT+ signals. STB means Set Top Box.

The Satellite INSAT-4B is used to uplink the DD DIRECT+ signal.
1. Orbit type: Geo-synchronous.
2. Orbital location: 93.5° E
3. Ku Band Transponders and its Up/Down Frequency Range:-
4. Transponder Polarization Uplink freq.
(MHZ) Downlink freq(MHZ) LNB Frequency Symbol Rate (MHZ) FEC
C13 (36 MHz)         H/V      14040        10990         9750      27.5          3/4
C15 (36 MHz)         H/V      14120        11070         9750      27.5          3/4
C17 (36 MHz)         H/V      14200        11150          9750      27.5          3/4
C19 (36 MHz)         H/V      14290       11490          9750       27.5         3/4
C21 (36 MHz)         H/V      14370      11570           9750       27.5

To install the channels following procedure is to be followed which is only suggestive. Viewers are advised to consult the installation manual supplied with STB or contact the nearest STB Dealer
Receiver Frot Panel:-


  • Used to display the main menu.
  • CH+/CH- : Used to Channel Up/Down or Move the curser Up/Down.
  • VOL+/VOL-: Volume up/down or move the curser Left/Right.
  • OK: Excutes the selected items.

RXR Backside panel:-

Rear panel

  1. Power supply 230VAC.
  2. Serial port: Interface with RS232 Data Port.
  3. LNB IN: Digital Satellite antenna connection port.
  4. VIDEO: Video connection port of TV or other equipments.
  5. AUDIO: Audio connection R/L To TV.
  6. RF O/P: Modulated O/P to TV.
  7. SPEAKER O/P: 5W.


  1. Connections: TV to Digital Receiver.
  2. Connect the air antenna cable to the ANT IN socket of the receiver.
  3. Connect Video O/P to TV Video and same as Audio to TV with RCA wires.


    • Connect A/V output to TV
    • Connect ANTENNA cable to LNB.
    • Press MENU button then main menu will be appeared on your TV screen.
    • You can select each with helf of VOL+/VOL- and OK key.
    • PROG LIST.
    • PROG EDIT.
    • TP
    • SYSTEM.

    User can set up the satellite date and antenna. After moving highlight on this installation menu icon and press OK button, then below sub-menus will be appeard. And on each sub-menu, you can adjust each parameter.After moving highlight on SATELLITE and press OK button and you can find out below parameter, in this satellite set up menu can set all data of satellite like name.

    LNB TYPE: Means Low Noise Black Down Converter

    LNB frequency and diseqc 1.3, you can move highlight up and down with CH+/CH- keys and you can choose proper item with VOL+/VOL= keys.

    You can select your required SAT among satellite list then accordingly to several information will be change.

    Your can select your required satellite degree.
    You can select LNB frequency between universal and single.
    It you select single LNB, you can see only single LNB frequency.
    But select universal LNB.
    22K TONE:
    If you want to use this switch you should select ON or if not, you should select OFF.
    You can select your available DisEqC switch with VOL+/VOL- keys, also if you don’t want to use DisEqC
    You should select OFF.
    Go to satellite MANU icon and press OK
    Satellite name you can select your required SAT with VOL+/VOL- keys.
    Scan mode you can select your all channels, FTA,FTA+CA.
    You can seslect select proper channel scan speed amoung options. Quickly serach, detal serach.
    You can select proper polarity between HORIZAL/ VERTICAL.
    SYMBOL RATE: This is also changed in accordance with TP. But you can directly insert with NEMERIC keys.

    LNB TPE:
    You can select LNB frequency between universal and single.
    22K TONE:
    Select with your choice ON/ or OFF.

    DisEqC: You can select your DisEqC switch with VOL+/VOL- keys also if you don’t want to use DisEqC
    You should select OFF.
    Now if press OK button after all settings this will start search channels and no ther channel name will be appeared on the screen. This is used to auto search.


    You can select required TV standard between AUTO/PAL/and NTSC mode with VOL+/VOL-.
    Select factory Reset menu icon and press OK button and you can find out below parameter.
    Input connector: F-type with wire dia.
    Frequency Range: 950 Mhz to 2150 Mhz.
    Input impedance: 750 Ohms.
    Signla Leve: -25 db to -65 db.
    IF Frequency: 480 Mhz.
    IF Band: 36 Mhz.
    LNB POWER: Vertical 13 v.
    Horizontal: 18 V.
    Curreent: .6A
    22k Tone: 22k _+ 4khz.
    Amplitude: o.6V.
    DisEqC Control: Version.
    Demodulation: QPSK.
    Input Symbol Rate: 2-45 Ms/s.

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