Create a Facebook Movie Using Look Back

Create a Movie for Your Facebook Profile Using Look Back

 Today Facebook becomes top in google search and also in our mind. Today no one is without a facebook profile. Facebook enables use to share our thoughts and events with your friends through internet. Facebook also let’s us post our pictures or videos or even small movies in our page or in our friends profile. Do you know how to create a facebook movie for your profiles? Then you are in the right place.

facebook look back

There are many interesting apps for your facebook profile and enjoying with your friends. In this case Facebook Launch “Look Back” which enables you to create a facebook small clip for facebook profile history.

For creating a video just follow steps,

  •  Login to your facebook account.
  •  Goto this link Look Back
  • Then click create button.
  • This movie has your most liked photos posts since you have been in facebook.
  • Your popular Cover and Profile are also in this video.
  • Create a movie for your account and check out yourself.


  • You can also update the video at any time.

That’s all you have done and now enjoy with your friends. I have written many posts here about android, PC etc. Why don’t you add me to your facebook account or simply just follow our facebook fan page. Stay here for more updates.

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