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Samsung has a wide range of android smartphones in its family as Galaxy. These phones has lots of attractive features which depends on the price of smartphone. Samsung mobile has a major view among the peoples because of its durability and much more attractive than other companies. Do you have a samsung Galaxy Android smartphone? Do you want to convert it to MODEM for PC? Then you are in the right place to know about. Most of users of samsung mobiles doesn’t know how to connect to internet in PC. For them this is the right place to know about it. Most of the people still looking for an application in play store for tethering but the Samsung made this task easier. Let’s see about it detail in this article.


Methods of tethering available in Samsung Android Phones:

  • Portable Wi-Fi Hot spot 
  • USB Tethering
  • Bluetooth Tethering

By using the above methods you can able to connect to internet in PC and also other Wi-Fi enabled smartphones and also bluetooth enabled phones. By using the USB tethering you connect to internet for PC without having Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity facility. We can see about these methods separately in detail in this article.

Requirements of Your Laptop or Desktop:
For connection to your desktop or laptop you must have a driver software which create a bridge between your android phone and PC is PC Suite Software. PC Suite is available for download from the official site of Samsung. Click Here For Download. This PC Suite will install the Samsung PC Driver which almost all kind of android smartphone in Samsung. For direct download from official site click here. For more details about Samsung PC Suite Click here.

How to Setup in PC for internet Connection using Samsung Android Smartphones?

1. Portable Wi-Fi Hot Spot(If your PC has Wi-Fi):
                                       Tethering comes as an in-built option in Samsung smartphones. In this tethering option Wi-Fi hot spot is an option. Using this option you can turn device into portable Wi-Fi hot spot. This let’s you to share the internet connection with your laptop or other device which has Wi-Fi connectivity. For Desktop computers Wi-Fi dongle is enough.  This allows you to connect max. 1o devices.Follow the below steps to share internet from samsung android via Wi-Fi.


  • Download Samsung PC Suite and install it in your Laptop or desktop.
  • In mobile Settings >> Wireless networks >> Tethering and portable hotspots >> Portable Wi-Fi Hot Spot 
  • Then Enable it.
  • Then enable mobile data in your phone.
  • Then in Portable Wi-Fi hotspot you can also change the User ID and Password.
  • Then enable Wi-Fi in other device and search for it in your samsung android mobile.
  • Then connect it. That’s all you have done. 

2. USB Tethering (Works for all desktop or Laptop):
USB Tethering option let’s you to connect to internet using Samsung Android Phones using USB cables. For using this tethering method you must have a USB cable for your Samsung mobile. This method doesn’t require any Wi-Fi or bluetooth connectivity option in your PC, just a cable is enough. While enabling this USB Tethering mode you can cannot able to see the SD card manager in your PC. Let’s see how tot ether using USB tethering mode.


  • Download Sasmung PC Suite and install it in your PC.
  • Connect your samsung android mobile via USB.
  • Then in your mobile Settings >> Wireless and network >> Tethering and Hotspot >> Tick USB tethering.
  • Then enable mobile data in your mobile.
  • You will see the internet is connected to your PC also. That’s now you will be tether using USB mode.

3 . Bluetooth Tethering (If your PC has Bluetooth):
Bluetooth tethering is another wireless tethering like Wi-Fi tethering mode. In this method you can able to tether with any device which has a Bluetooth connectivity option. By this option you can able to tether without any cables. You can able to connect a maximum of 10 devices. This method consumes a lot of mobile data and battery power.Now let’s how to tether via bluetooth using Samsung android mobiles.


  • Download Samsung PC Suite and install in your PC.
  • Then in mobile Settings >> Wireless and Networks >> Tethering and Hotspot >> Tick Bluetooth tethering.
  • Then enable mobile data in your Samsung mobile.
  • Then search for the device in the search menu and connect it.
  • That’s all you have tether via bluetooth to another devices.

                      If you have any messages like “driver is not properly installed” then goto Control Panel >> Hardware and Sounds >> Devices and Printers. Then you will see the mobile with warning symbol so click that and then give “Troubleshooting”. This will solve all the problems if also not working then re-install the PC Suite software. Then check your device having all the followings drivers are properly installed as like in this screenshot. 


Alternative Method:
If you still not able to connect to internet using the above methods. Then go to alternative method which done by a application called as PdaNet which is the best application for tethering purpose. For more details click here.

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