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Regulated Power Supply with Clock Pulse Circuit

The DC power supply is maintains the output voltage with respect of an alternating current (AC) mains voltage variations of load variations is called “Regulated Power Supply”. The regulated power supply consist of an ordinary power and voltage regulating deices like 78xx (Also called positive regulator) and

Exclusive NOR Gate Animation

  The logic gate is a digital circuit with one or more inputs, with only one outputs. The gate can be constructed from diodes, transistors, and resistors. The logic gate is designed to perform a particular logical operation or function. Any logic gate operation can be easily understood with the help

Logic OR Gate Animation

The OR gate has two or more inputs and a single output. Ia performs logical addition. The OR gate produces aHIGH outputs when any one of the inputs is HIGH.  The output is  LOW only when all of the inputs are LOW.  The logic gate is a digital circuit with one or more

EX-OR Gate Animation

The EX-OR gate has only two inputs and one output. It produces a High output when the two inputs are at opposite logic levels. The output is Low when both inputs are High or Low. Operating power supply voltage =5V Dc. The combination of  Transistor Transistor logic gates like  (TTL)  NOT Gate, AND Gate


The Transistor Transistor Logic (TTL) NOR gate is a combination of  OR gate followed by a NOT gate. The output is LOW, when any of its inputs is HIGH, OR gate and NOT  gate logic are combined to produce the NOR operation. The NOR gate has two or more inputs and a single


The NOT (Symbol) circuit performs the operation called inversion also called inverter. The inverter change one (HIGH or LOW) logic level to the opposite level. It has single input and single output. Logic gates are primarily implemented using Diodes or Transistors acting as electronic switches, but can also be constructed using electromagnetic relays (solid state relay

NAND Gate Logic Animation

The Symbol NAND Gate  is an AND gate followed by NOT gate. The term NAND  is a contraction of AND+NOT. The NAND gate has two or more inputs and a single output. The NAND produces HIGH when any of the inputs is LOW.  The functions involve only three operations which make

AND Logic Gate Animation

The AND Logic gate has two or more inputs and a single output. It performs logical multiplication.  The symbol for a 2-input AND gate, Input voltages can be LOW, logic 0, or HIGH, logic 1. A logic gate is an idealized device implementing a Boolean function, that is, it performs a (TTL) Transistor transistor logical operation on one or