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Regulated Power Supply with Clock Pulse Circuit

The DC power supply is maintains the output voltage with respect of an alternating current (AC) mains voltage variations of load variations is called “Regulated Power Supply”. The regulated power supply consist of an ordinary power and voltage regulating deices like 78xx (Also called positive regulator) and

R-2R Ladder Circuit

DAC-R-2R Ladder Circuit:  It is used to convert Digital to Analog voltage. This voltage  are used in more applications, because of their increasingly efficient, reliable, and economical operation with the development of the microprocessor, data processing has become an integral part of various systems Data processing involves

IC-741 as Function Generator Circuit

IC LM741 as a Signal Generator:  The operational amplifier IC-741 is not only instrumentation amplifier, it can generate different type of the waveforms by charging and discharging mode. Function generator give waveforms such as sine, triangular, square waves and so on of different frequencies and amplitudes. Here

Voltage to Current Converter

An operational Amplifier IC LM741 used as a voltage to current. It is used for signal transmission of instrumentation like RTD THEROCOUPLE single from long distance to control circuits. Two type of current converter are., Floating load Voltage to Current converter. Ground load Voltage to Current converter.

Voltage Comparator circuit

Voltage Comparator circuit:-   A fixed reference voltage Vref  is applied to the (-) input, and the other time – varying signal voltage Vin is applied to the (+) input; Because of this arrangement, the circuit is called the non-inverting comparator.  Depending upon the levels of Vin and Vref,  the circuit produces output.  In short,

Op-Amp Adder and Subtractor Circuits

     The adder can be obtained by using either non-inverting mode or differential amplifier.  Here the inverting mode is used. So the inputs are applied through resistors to the inverting terminal and non-inverting terminal is grounded. This is called “virtual ground”, i.e. the voltage at that

IC 741 Details

The IC 741 is a high performance monolithic operational amplifier constructed using the instrumentation process.  High common mode voltage range and absence of latch-up tendencies make the IC 741 ideal for use as voltage follower.  The high gain and wide range of operating voltage provide superior performance in integrator, summing

Integrator Circuit using 741 IC

INTEGRATOR:– An integrator circuit integrates the input signal with respect to time (Frequency). The circuit diagram of integrator, the feedback element is capacitor (0.047) and input element is (10k) resistor. IMPORTANT:- Select input square wave from 500 Hz to 1.5 KHz to get correct output triangle wave. Otherwise change the capacitor value. The charge on