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HD-C1 Video Controller Smart Setting

VIDEO CONTROLLER CARD PARAMETER FOR FULL COLOUR LED DISPLAY MODULE Model: HD-C1. Size: 384 x 128. Asynchronous Full colour led display controller. Memory: 512 MB. USB Disk memory. Communication: 10.100 Ethernet, Effect: indoor and outdoor Support: Video display, image and text editing. P10 SMD LED MODULE. Connection

Water Level LCD Indicator Cum Controller using At89C51

In our fast going work time, we forget our water tank motor to switch off when it is filled. So the result waste off many water today. Here my simple Micro-controller circuit is very useful to prevent above water wastage in our house. LCD INDICATOR. LCD Liquid

Mobile Controlled Robot using Atmega8

Mobile Controller Robot using Atmega8 Robot controlled via Mobile/Cellphone with the help of DTMF (Dual Tone Multi Frequency) module is very essential. Mobile keypad  is used as input control unit of the microcontroller. For controlling the robot, 2 mobile phones are used. One is Connected with robot (it

Wall Follower Robot using ATMega8

Wall Follower Robot using ATMega8 Wall Following Robot using single IR Transmitter and photodiode Receiver module of proximity sensor or obstacle sensor. Use left sensor to detect the wall on the left side of the robot. OPERATION OF THE ROBOT. Step-1. Switch on the programmed Robot. Initially robot right

Edge Avoiding Robot

Edge Avoiding Robot using ATMega8 Microcontroller. Edge avoiding Robot works based on the line detecting IR Infrared Ray LED and Photodiode module. 2 sensors are connected in front of my robot, that detects the edge when running in the forward direction. When runs forward 2 sensors are