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MOC 3021 Circuit

The MOC302X (MOC3020,MOC3021,MOC3022 are same) series are mainly coupled as a isolators consist of a infrared LED with light activated SCR. DRIVE CAPACITY: 1. Off state output voltage = 400V. 2. RMS Forward current = 100mA. 3. Forward Peak current =1A. 4. Max power =200W. 5. Easy

Triac interfacing with Microcontroller

How to interface a high current TRIAC with AT89C52 microcontroller. Here we will connect a load lick AC motor in series with anode of the Triac and Gate is controlled by MCU simple C program. Component required: 1. AT89c51. 2. Programmer. 3. Simple C Program 4. Triac

Interfacing Relay to MCU

RELAY: A relay is a electromagnetic mechanical ON/OFF switch type. It is used to low power (Voltage or Current) circuit to switch high power drive. It is an electric switch that operates like open and close switch. This type of relay is not able to connect directly

Mobile Controlled Robot using Atmega8

Mobile Controller Robot using Atmega8 Robot controlled via Mobile/Cellphone with the help of DTMF (Dual Tone Multi Frequency) module is very essential. Mobile keypad  is used as input control unit of the microcontroller. For controlling the robot, 2 mobile phones are used. One is Connected with robot (it

Wall Follower Robot using ATMega8

Wall Follower Robot using ATMega8 Wall Following Robot using single IR Transmitter and photodiode Receiver module of proximity sensor or obstacle sensor. Use left sensor to detect the wall on the left side of the robot. OPERATION OF THE ROBOT. Step-1. Switch on the programmed Robot. Initially robot right