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Earth Pit Resistance Automation with GSM

What is Earth Pit? In EB system an earth pit refers to a pit dug in the earth with sand, glay and salt mixing. It is used to safety towards from short circuit current. This type of safety work prevent from current flows from high voltage to

Sensor Accelerometer Details

       ADXL335 is a motion sense module. It can be used to sense tile in three axis and it can be interfaced with micro controller directly.It is an inertial measurement unit type. THEORY OF OPERATION: The ADXL335 is a complete 3-axis acceleration measurement system. It

Proteus Software Tutorial

The Proteus 8 Design Suite software can interact the embedded projects with LED, LCD displays, and switches also interface with software sensors. In need of practical implementation of the projects circuits, we have to test with our C program and how it works or not. Proteus 8

How to use Keil Software

How to use KEIL Software. The KEIL SOFTWARE is used as compiler for both assembler and C Language program. Write your program with either C program of assembly, the KEIL software converts high level language to machine code. Also See my video tutorial at the bottom of

How to Repair Digital Oscilloscope?

DSO – Means Digital Storage Oscilloscope. Features: 1. Dual Analog channels. 2. 5.6 inch 64k TFT LCD Screen. 3. Waveform record and replay. Application of DS. 1. Electronic circuit testing. 2. Functional testing with circuit. 3. Logical signal verification. 4. To test mixed signals. Type: DS1052E. Frequency:

Edge Avoiding Robot

Edge Avoiding Robot using ATMega8 Microcontroller. Edge avoiding Robot works based on the line detecting IR Infrared Ray LED and Photodiode module. 2 sensors are connected in front of my robot, that detects the edge when running in the forward direction. When runs forward 2 sensors are

How to do soldering?

HOW SOLDER WORKS?    WETTING AND NON-WETTING When the liquid comes into contact with the walls of another solid surface it may happen that the particles of the solid attracts the liquid particle more strongly than the liquid itself. This leads to wetting. Where the attraction of the solid particles is

Express PCB Free Software

Express PCB With Free Software.    Express PCB tutorial leads you through the design of a PCB using layout software from ExpressPCB, which is freeware available. Before beginning you should make sure your computer has both Express PCB and ExpressSCH, if not than you should download the software. PCB software and PDF given