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Earth Pit Resistance Automation with GSM

What is Earth Pit? In EB system an earth pit refers to a pit dug in the earth with sand, glay and salt mixing. It is used to safety towards from short circuit current. This type of safety work prevent from current flows from high voltage to

Regulated Power Supply with Clock Pulse Circuit

The DC power supply is maintains the output voltage with respect of an alternating current (AC) mains voltage variations of load variations is called “Regulated Power Supply”. The regulated power supply consist of an ordinary power and voltage regulating deices like 78xx (Also called positive regulator) and

Proteus Software Tutorial

The Proteus 8 Design Suite software can interact the embedded projects with LED, LCD displays, and switches also interface with software sensors. In need of practical implementation of the projects circuits, we have to test with our C program and how it works or not. Proteus 8

How to use Keil Software

How to use KEIL Software. The KEIL SOFTWARE is used as compiler for both assembler and C Language program. Write your program with either C program of assembly, the KEIL software converts high level language to machine code. Also See my video tutorial at the bottom of

How to Repair Digital Oscilloscope?

DSO – Means Digital Storage Oscilloscope. Features: 1. Dual Analog channels. 2. 5.6 inch 64k TFT LCD Screen. 3. Waveform record and replay. Application of DS. 1. Electronic circuit testing. 2. Functional testing with circuit. 3. Logical signal verification. 4. To test mixed signals. Type: DS1052E. Frequency:

Multisim VI-Characteristics of Diode

VI Characteristics of PN Junction Diode Simulation with Multisim software version 12.0 AIM: To plat the VI characteristics of Semiconductor PN Junction diode. Required Virtual Components. S.NO NAME DESCRIPTION QUANTITY 1. RESIS Resistor 1k 1 2. Diode 1N4007 1 3. DC Source DC 12V 12V THEORY: The

Multiplexer using IC 74151

MULTIPLEXER CIRCUIT USING IC 74151. Video demo for MUX AND DE-MUX. DE-MUX CIRCUIT USING IC 74139. To test the performance of multiplexer and de-multiplexer. Apparatus Required: S.NO Components Quantity 1. RPSU 5V DC 1 2. IC MUX 74151 1 3. IC DE-MUX74139 1 4. Bread board 1

Encoder and Decoder Circuits

ENCODE AND DECODER CIRCUIT USING IC 74138 and 74148. AIM: To verify the operation of 8 to 3 line Encoder and 3 to 8 Decoder using IC 74138 and 74148. S.NO Components Name Quantity 1. IC  74148 1. 2. IC 74138 1. 3. Power supply 5V DC