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How to Repair Digital Oscilloscope?

DSO – Means Digital Storage Oscilloscope. Features: 1. Dual Analog channels. 2. 5.6 inch 64k TFT LCD Screen. 3. Waveform record and replay. Application of DS. 1. Electronic circuit testing. 2. Functional testing with circuit. 3. Logical signal verification. 4. To test mixed signals. Type: DS1052E. Frequency:

Lab kits EEE ECE – Specifications

Ic Trainer kit Details. Input : 230V 10% 50 Hz AC Power Supply : 5V, 2A, 12V; 500mA Pulse Generator : 1Hz to 10 KHz Pulse : Pulse switches for providingLogic H/L Pulse Display : 7 segment BCD 2 digit decoder. 10 logic input switches for provided

LCR Digital Meter Price and Specifications

INDUCTOR, CAPACITOR AND RESISTOR MEASUREMENT DIGITAL METER: For all ECE & EEE Engineering and Polytechnic college Lab unknown RLC value testing use: Features: Inductance (L)         Capacitance   /  Resistance  Inductor Range Accuracy  Measuring frequency 2mH ±2.0%+5 1uH Approx:200Hz 20mH 10uH 200mH 100uH 2H ±5.0%+5 1mH 20H ±5.0%+15 10mH Capacitor Range Accuracy Resolution

Digital Ammeter and Voltmeter Detailed Specifications

        Place the voltmeter across the circuit or component whose voltage is to be measured. Wrong polarity causes the meter to deflect against the mechanical stop and this may damage the pointer. using a multi range voltmeter, always use the highest voltage range and then decrease the range until a good up-scale reading

How to Select Digital Multimeter| Detailed Explanation

DMM: 3¾ Digital Multimeter:- Measure Direct Current Voltage, Alternate Current Voltage, Direct Current resistance,capacitance,frequency and temperature. 3¾ Digital multimeter with maximum reading of 3999 Measure resistance,capacitance. frequency and temperature Tests diode, transistor and continuity Data hold Range selection automatic and manual Large LCD display (Size 70X50mm) Low