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How to Repair Digital Oscilloscope?

DSO – Means Digital Storage Oscilloscope. Features: 1. Dual Analog channels. 2. 5.6 inch 64k TFT LCD Screen. 3. Waveform record and replay. Application of DS. 1. Electronic circuit testing. 2. Functional testing with circuit. 3. Logical signal verification. 4. To test mixed signals. Type: DS1052E. Frequency:

Upgrade Home UPS With Solar Panel

HOME UPS WITH SOLAR PANEL Make your Home Ups with solar charger when the electrical power failure time. In that time your home ups battery is not only charging and also discharging during the usage of like Fan and other home appliances. So we can add to charge the battery form solar

How to select home solar ups?

SOLAR CELL OPERATION:-     When the sunlight is incident on a photovoltaic cell, it is converted into electric energy. Such an energy converter is called solar dell of solar battery and is used in satellites to provide the electrical power. This cell consists of a single semiconductor crystal which sis doped with

Sri Ram Electronics Gobi-Lab Equipment Service

SRI RAM ELECTRONICS 33, Git Computer, Municipal Complex,  opp bus stand, Gobi-638476. Sir,       TEST YOUR  ELECTRONIC COMPONENTS WITH CIRCUIT   We wish to introduce ourselves as one of the leading service provider in the field of electronics engg.,  for the past 15 years. We undertake all