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How to Repair LED TV Backlight

How to Repair LED Backlight of the LED TV. Here Im changed 3v LED on a Strip of LEDs. In my LED TV Symptom is Dark image that is “No picture and sound normal”. Then i analyse this problem is in the LED Backlight of the Strip

How to interface LCD with Microcontroller

How to interface LCD with Micro-controller? LCD Liquid Crystal Display is commonly used in the electronic display module. 16×2 LCD is used for wide range of micro-controller applications. It can display 2 lines of 16 characters and each character is displayed using 5×7 pixel matrix. LCD INTERFACING

How Does Sensor Work

SENSOR: The sensor is a transducer type, it is used to sense or detect events or changes in physical quantities and gives a corresponding analog output. TYPES OF SENSOR: 1. IR sensor. 2. proximity sensor. 3. Temperature sensor. 4. Pressure sensor. 5. Light sensor. 6. Fires sensor.

DIY-Line Follow Robot

DIY – Means Do It yourself. Make simple and Low cost LFR-Line Following Robot using AT89c51 Micro controller IC. A line follow robot is autonomous robot that follows here my robot either BLACK LINE IN WHITE BACKGROUND or WHITE LINE IN BLACK Background. The motor drive circuit

Lvdt service With Full Explanations

Linear Variable Differential Transformer (LVDT) is extensively used transducer in industry and so  explained here in detail. LVDT CONFIGURATION Figure 1 shows this mutual inductance transducer. The primary is excited by an external AC voltage. The secondaries, both of equal turns and identical placement about the primary are so connected

How to check Resistor colour code?

      The resistance R  of a given material is proportional to its length L and inversely proportional to its area of cross section A. Thus R varies as L/A and = P(L/A),  where p is the constant of the material known as its specific resistance.

SMD Device-LED

SMD devices are usually moisture/reflow sensitive. Moisture from atmospheric humidity enters permeable packaging materials by diffusion. Assembly processed used to solder SMD packages to PCBs expose the entire package body to temperature between 160C – 260C. During solder reflow, rapid moisture expansion can result in package cracking, delamination of critical interfaces within

Seven Segment Display Pin Details

How to Test 7 segment display LEDs  with Digital Multimeter:- STEP-1:      Connect:-Digital multimeter (Testing common anode OR  cathode)                               DMM + probe  to Common Pin ( To 5 pins in the centre see animation picture)