Angry Birds Rio Full Free Version Download for PC

Download Angry Birds Rio Full For Your Windows PC
Angry birds is a amazing addictive game which available for PC and android and iOS users. This game becomes most playable games by almost all age group of peoples. Are you an PC game lover? Angry birds is most choice for all game lovers. This games is available for free download from Play Store but it is not free for PC windows users. So people who are using PC search for patches and cracks for activating the full version of angry birds games. But there is a method available which allows you to play the official Angry Birds from Rovio Team full version in your Desktop or laptop also. Read the full article to know about it.


About Angry Birds Rio: 
           Angry birds series goes on increasing its series and lot’s new upgrades. Angry Birds Rio is one of the game series of Angry birds. Angry birds Rio game involves in helping the friends of birds which are arrested in different cages in different levels. In this game several new birds are coming to help their friends to release from their cages. The different levels in this game are

  • Smligglers’ Den
  • Jungle Escape
  • Beach Valley
  • Carnival Upheaval
  • Airfield Chase
  • Smliggler’s Plane and continues to Angry Birds Seasons.

           In each stage there lots of different kinds of birds from various place are put in a wooden cage. Your duty is to release the birds are caged using the birds to attack the cage or attacking the stone and made to fall on the cage to damage it which leaves gives the birds present inside the cage to escape. That’s all a stage is over. By completing all the stages which gives you a ticket for entering the master stage which complete’s the game.

System Requirements:

  • OS : Windows XP/7/Vista/8
  • RAM : Minimum 1GB (Best Performance given by 4GB RAM)
  • Processor of minimum 2 GHz Speed
  • HDD : Minimum 5GB Space free For Installing many Applications
  • Intel HD Graphics for Best Performance
  • Resolution of 1024 x 720 is required
  • Mouse and Keyboard


Download Angry Birs Rio For PC:

  • Download Blue stacks For PC and install it in your hard disk partition which having more free space. For complete details about this software click here.
  • You can search for angry birds Rio in the search box in software or download angry birds to your PC from play store. Easy download can be downloaded using Mobogenie software.
  • Then install the application in your Bluestacks software.
  • Enjoy without using any kind of illegal files for activating game which is downloaded from angry birds site. I think this is the best method for playing game without any damage for your laptop or desktop.

  If you have any doubts about this software then leave a comment in our website. Stay here for more updates about angry birds!

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